The treatment

First consultation

Before your first appointment, I will send you a questionnaire by e-mail. You are requested to fill this in and send it back before the first consultation. The questionnaire is an important part of the intake carried out during the first consultation.


I will pick you up from the waiting room. We will then start with the anamnesis (the account of your medical history), during which I will ask you various questions about your complaint(s), lifestyle, medication use, allergies, any surgery, diet and medical history. Previous complaints – however minor – can also be relevant to the treatment.

We will take plenty of time for the anamnesis. This not only gives me a good picture of your complaints, but also of you as a human being.


After the intake I will ask you to move to the examination table. While you are lying, standing or sitting down, I will feel whether your muscles, bones, joints and organs are moving properly. I do this by exerting light pressure with my hands on various parts of your body, such as your head, feet, abdomen and back. This gives me insight into the cause of your complaint. The examination is painless.

After the examination I will tell you what my findings are. If there is time left, an initial part of the treatment will be carried out.

The treatment

The treatment consists of restoring the tissue’s loss of movement, and this activates the self-regulating capacity of the body. It is done with soft to slightly firmer hand pressure, always with respect for the body. Treatment is not painful. However, the place where your complaint is located may be a little more sensitive.

During the treatment I will always explain clearly what I am doing, so that the treatment is as relaxed as possible.
The cause of your complaint may be in a different part of the body from where your complaint is. You may have come about a problem in your lower back, for example,

but your abdomen is treated. I will always explain why.

A single treatment takes 45 minutes.

After the treatment

Everyone reacts differently to a treatment. After all, every human being is different. Most patients experience a feeling of ‘relief’ and relaxation immediately after the treatment. The body literally feels looser. Some patients notice immediate relief from their symptoms, others feel a slight increase in the symptoms the first few days after treatment, after which things improve. It also happens sometimes that emotions are released after a treatment. This is all perfectly normal.

I always advise patients to take it easy for the rest of the day, so that the body can calmly process the stimuli.

After the treatment you will receive advice from me for the coming weeks and we will make an appointment for a possible follow-up treatment.

Follow-up treatment

The period between treatments is different for each person. Every person’s body reacts differently to stimuli. The time between treatments therefore varies between 2 weeks and 3 months. The body needs this time to allow the tissue to function in its mobility again